There’s a new volume on digital archaeology coming out via the Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future. Bill Caraher let me have an advance copy of it. Instead of reading it and writing a review, I thought I’d do a distant reading instead, as befits digital archaeology, and see what I found.

I did my analysis in R, and wrote my results up in Rmd (R-markdown, that is, my written ruminations + actionable code, all in one file). I first did an exploratory top-down topic model, and then a bottom-up word vector model.

Part One: Exploration ; Source Code – topic model of Mobilizing the Past

Part Two: Exploration ; Source Code– word vector model of Mobilizing the Past

Part Three: Exploration ; Source Code – comparative topic model of Mobilizing the Past and Archaeology 2.0