In a nutshell:

** DH the shit out of this**


  • initial idea was just a test of transkribus
  • resource is extremely rich though
  • topic models over space/time: some kind of choropleth?
  • find more such diaries
  • Micropasts, crowdsource corrections to my transcription, get more
  • wordvectors: her perceptions of ‘others’; her perception of ‘the past’
  • RNN: what is the platonic ideal type for her diary, for others? What would a machine written journey look like? what would a machine written journey tell us?
  • neatline; map the journey, link into the things she tells us (art works, churches, etc)
  • possible to find other diaries of people in roughly the same time, place? competing views?
  • Twine game, built around her journey (her stuff gets stolen, rifled through on a number of occasions: the player character, perhaps…)
  • sonification of the data models; sonification of key words/phrases a la sonification of punctuation

what would any of this mean? do? imply?

  • the $0.64 question