Lovecraftian archaeology via []

[]. This site allows you to remix and deploy others’ code. So I rewrote the site report generator and moved it to Glitch; you can see it in action at [] and if you want to remix it go to the edit page. The key file you’ll want to edit is grammar.js . You could start by swapping in some of these examples but note:

In grammar.js, you see:

var grammar = {
        title : ["Draft Report"],

But in that example gist I linked to, you see

"origin": ["I accuse #suspect# of committing the crime in the #room# with the #weapon#!"],

The grammar.js file does not put quotations around the key. So keep an eye out for that if you’re pasting from someone else’s project; paste from the opening { to the closing }. Also, origin is where the actual text will be generated from. So you compose your work by wrapping text around #keys# as in the second example.

Sorry. That’s a pretty awful explanation. Give the editor a spin to get the hang of it. This is a really nice tutorial too.